Linguistic commentary from a guy who takes things too literally

Permissive Parents Beware…

Posted by Neal on May 20, 2004

…they eat brats in Ohio! (Only they pronounce it so that it rhymes with “rot,” not “rat.”)

Other food-related dialectological observations from my 12 years in Ohio: more


2 Responses to “Permissive Parents Beware…”

  1. Ingeborg S. Nordén said

    My first reaction to seeing “brats” on a Wisconsin restaurant sign:

    “My God, they eat children in this state?”

    (No, I did not make that up…I grew up in another part of the US, where the sausages were unfamiliar.)

  2. […] green peppers and Reesey cups.) Only after a few seconds did I realize that Sun City must be the nickname, and that Doug was […]

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