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It Takes Too, Baby

Posted by Neal on July 24, 2004

Every now and then I’ll read a column on English grammar where the author or one of his readers is complaining about the unnecessary of in phrases like this:

too big of a job

The columnists that I’ve seen address this issue always stick very boringly to the tiny question of whether the of belongs or not. They never get into the questions I’d like to see discussed, so I guess I’ll have to do it myself.

3 Responses to “It Takes Too, Baby”

  1. […] back in 2004, Neal Whitman collected some examples of form (1′), for instance: Too small of rooms for the price!! […]

  2. […] In addition to the comment by Jacob Difiore, an earlier comment that seems to have been deleted asked me, “Sarcastic much?” before observing that I didn’t have a copyright on an idea. True enough, but I still say that after Zarinsky found and read my column, it would have been better to change the tone of her piece from “We just don’t know” to something else. (As an aside, it’s interesting that Difiore called me “that big of an asshole” instead of just “that big an asshole”. This was one of the first topics I blogged about.) […]

  3. […] guest post on The Volokh Conspiracy in 2004, I wrote about what I’ve since learned is sometimes called “intrusive […]

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