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Missing Pieces

Posted by Neal on November 16, 2004

For the two or three of you who’ve been reading my posts since I started doing them on Agoraphilia: If you didn’t like “My Miss-understanding,” then you certainly will not enjoy this post from Mark Liberman. It’s about Donald Rumsfeld’s statement that he “will miss not working closely with” Colin Powell.

One Response to “Missing Pieces”

  1. Anonymous said

    Funny! Thank you for the link. I’m glad that they took Safire to task for taking Powell to task for using “fulsome” as he did. I usually thought that Safire’s fulsome editorials were rather distorted, peculiar and overly unkind to his liberal adversaries. And, I’m not using fulsome in the sense of copious or complementary. He is a rather fulsome fellow and I’m glad he is quitting his editorial position at the New York Times. I nominate non-fulsome Neal Whitman to replace him asap!

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