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First Vog, Now Vlog

Posted by Neal on June 6, 2005

I’ve learned that there is such a thing as a video web log, or video blog, and that they are also known as vlogs. I wish this word all the worst in gaining currency in the language. First of all, it blatantly disregards a phonotactic rule of English: Syllables don’t begin with the cluster [vl] (except in borrowings such as Vlad(imir) and, uh, I guess that’s all)

And second, you can’t just go chopping off the b- in blog–that’s the only thing that distinguishes web logs from any other kind of logs. Now what am I going to call it if I decide to do a daily video journal that isn’t posted on the web? No, I’m not going to do one, but it’s the principle of the thing, man! It’d’ve been nice if the coiners of vlog had had a little more consideration for potential keepers of non-web-based video journals.

Incidentally, if all this is sounding a bit familiar, you may be remembering my complaint about another blended word that started with v-, ended with -og, and obliterated essential information inherited from one of the source words. That would be vog.

2 Responses to “First Vog, Now Vlog

  1. Richard Hershberger said

    Another initial Vl- borrowing is Vlasic, as in the pickle people. I suspect that quite a few Slavic names in this pattern can be found in the US.

  2. Anonymous said

    Darn you, richard hershberger! I was going to mention Vlasic, too, and thought myself quite clever…

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