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Another Linkfest

Posted by Neal on July 4, 2005

Here are a few of the posts on other linguistics blogs that have caught my interest lately.

In my last post, I talked about variants of gonna. It happens that this topic was on other bloggers’ minds, too. This post on Cherrier discusses it, and so does this response from Language Log’s Mark Liberman.

Also, I got to thinking about the phrase “What is this X of which you speak?” last week, to humorously indicate that you have had so little dealing with X for so long that it’s like a foreign concept to you. I figured maybe I’d Google the phrase and add it to the snowclone list. Too late, though. That’s now been done by LL’s Arnold Zwicky here, following up on a discussion on the American Dialect Society mailing list. Languagehat follows up here.

Next, if you enjoyed this guest posting I did on The Volokh Conspiracy last year, on the difference between too big a and too big of a, check out from this posting from Mark Liberman on essentially the same topic but with a different adverb: that instead of too. For example, do you say, “that big a deal” or “that big of a deal”? And as I was wondering last year, what do you do when instead of a nice, singular, count noun like deal, you have a mass noun (that painful a work) or a plural noun (that big of jobs)?

One Response to “Another Linkfest”

  1. Rachel said

    How about “work that painful” or “jobs that big”?–>

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