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More Language-Related Podcasts

Posted by Neal on June 29, 2006

WOSU’s Open Line program had yet another language-related interview today:

How American speech and accents differ from region to region—including the Central Ohio dialect, with Ohio State University Speech and Hearing Science Chair Robert Fox and Ohio State University Speech and Hearing Science Research Scientist Ewa Jacewicz. (link)

I wanted to ask about interdental /l/ in southern Ohio, but they ran out of time before getting to me. Another Neal (or Neil) did call in, though: one Ne{a/i}l Johnson, near the end. It was an interesting program, and I was surprised to learn from it that Germanic languages tend to undergo more vowel shifts than other languages, and that this property may be related to their having larger inventories of vowels.

When you’ve finished listening to today’s Open Line, be sure to check out the Talk of the Nation that Geoff Pullum participated in, and wrote about here.


One Response to “More Language-Related Podcasts”

  1. Ingeborg S. Nordén said

    From my experience as a Scandinavian-language student, I agree with your observation about Germanic languages having more vowels (and therefore more vowel shifts) than most other languages. Someome who complains that the Great English Vowel Shift is a complex topic to cover in historical linguistics ought to read up on the shifts that took place in Swedish (ugh!) and Danish (double ugh!)…

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