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Excellent Blogs

Posted by Neal on March 7, 2008


Ordinarily, I don’t do memes, but it’s hard to ignore one doesn’t merely imply but explicitly states that the meme-tagger likes your blog. That would just be rude. So I hope that the frequent reader and commenter known as The Ridger will forgive my delay in acknowledging her putting an “E” rating on this blog. Thank you, Ridger. I am flattered, and was in the process of complying with the received protocol for accepting the award — to wit, nominating ten other excellent blogs. This is where it gets embarrassing.

Now you can see that I have 18 blogs on my linguistics blogroll alone. I could be lazy and just say, “See blogroll.” But that doesn’t seem quite in the spirit of the award. Besides, even though I like all these blogs, I wouldn’t say every one of them is excellent. For that, it’s not enough for me to enjoy reading them, but there has to be a fairly regular stream of content there for me to read. (For that reason, I wouldn’t nominate my own blog even if someone else wrote it, because these days I post only about once a week.) As for the nonlinguistic ones, in trying to keep this blog linguistics-focused, I’ve put very few blogs on this list. Those that do are either the blogs of friends or family that I want to keep up with, or they’re just so darn funny and well-written that I had to blogroll them anyway, and are thus shoo-ins for the E award. And of course, there are all the blogs that are just in my bookmarks, too, but haven’t yet merited a place on the blogroll, much less an Excellent award. That means I’d better look to other blogs to fill out the list, but it’s hard to find sufficient amounts of excellence in a short amount of time. I read individual posts on other blogs when I see them mentioned somewhere, or in a list of “Latest WordPress Posts” or “Growing Blogs,” but not frequently enough for my blogroll of Excellent-candidates to have grown big enough for my ten.

While I was thinking about this problem, the problem compounded. Another of The Ridger’s ten picks was Wishydig (see blogroll), home of Michael Covarrubias. He, too, has been kind enough to put an E on Literal-Minded, with a compliment on my syntax posts. Great — now I have to find 20 excellent blogs!

However, Michael also showed me a graceful way out of my problem. He said:

I would really have trouble nominating that many blogs. Not because I can’t think of that many good blogs — I can of course; just look at my sidebar — but because the more blogs I nominate, the more reasons I need not to keep nominating. So I’ll ask your kind permission (whoever you are) to nominate fewer than the ten.

So with no further delay, here is my list of excellent blogs:

And lastly, while I’m in a linking mode, let me point you not to The Ridger’s blog, but to her entire website. I haven’t begun to explore all of it yet, but the layout alone (which ties in with the mysterious handle The Ridger) is unusual enough to call for further investigation. And there’s one blog that’s weird and entertaining enough that I want to mention it, but I’m not putting an E on it because I don’t want to imply that I agree with the concept of the whole blog. It’s Stuff White People Like. The topics are wide-ranging and funny, but I question whether all or even most white people like these things, and whether it is only white people who like them.

Anyway, thanks again Ridger and Michael!

3 Responses to “Excellent Blogs”

  1. Viola said

    Neal: Congratulations! Thanks for the recommendations on blogs. Yours keeps me in stitches! I’ve enjoyed Blog Idle quite a bit as well. I’ll either spread the wealth around or make a laughing ass out of myself. Either way it’ll be fun, inspirational, educational, and last but not least, thought-provoking. Gotta love that dry, wry humor.

  2. Moata said

    Kia ora Neal,
    Thanks for the seal of approval. Much appreciated. When I was at university the linguistics department seemed really small and yet linguists always seem to work their way out of the woodwork, don’t they?

  3. dgm said

    Neal, why thank you. Your recognition of my blog means even more to me than when one of my readers told me that while she was recovering from surgery, she read my blog to ease the pain and found it “better than Vicodin!”

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