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More on Whomever

Posted by Neal on April 12, 2008

If you found this post on whoever vs. whomever interesting, you can find further discussion of whomever in this post from Arnold Zwicky at the new and improved Language Log site. He identifies the origin of the confusion over whomever as “an unexamined theoretical assumption about syntax” that is still taught in schools (at least, in those that actually teach grammar).

One Response to “More on Whomever

  1. Holt said

    Mr. W,
    I think, almost know that I am the only child who reads this blog, and even though I use whomever and whoever both fluently, whoever mostly, I think that whomever makes more sense. It doesn’t use two vowels at the same time. That can be annoying when you are a fast reader because you have to go back and read the word again if you don’t catch it the first time.
    I also think that both words should be used if you were writing a book or something like that, not just one, because when making stuff like that, you need to add lots of different words that may or may not mean the same thing. Like sleek and shiny.
    This now ends my longest comment yet.
    And also my third.
    I’m new here.
    I just wanted to tell you that.

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