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Bloggers at LSA 2010

Posted by Neal on December 17, 2009

I haven’t seen any announcements yet for a proposed bloggers’ get-together at next month’s Linguistic Society of America conference in Baltimore. That’s probably because not as many of them are going to be there this year, at least judging by the preliminary program. Of course, that only says who’s presenting, not who is attending, so who knows?

I will be both attending and presenting this year. If any other bloggers (on linguistics or other topics) want to hang out this year, I suggest 9pm Friday night at the hotel bar as a possible time and place. Since I’m putting out the call, I also invite anyone who merely wants to bask in reflected linguablogger glory to come and join us (assuming a group sufficient to justify the plural).

UPDATE, 12/18/09: I meant to say Friday night, and have just made the correction above. Saturday is when the OSU folks are getting together.


5 Responses to “Bloggers at LSA 2010”

  1. The Ridger said

    You might want to say which Saturday, and which hotel 🙂

    I plan to be there, barring disaster.

    • Neal said

      Ah, right. From the LSA website’s conference web page:

      The 84th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America will take place January 7-10, 2010 at the:

      Hilton Baltimore
      401 W. Pratt St.
      Baltimore, Maryland, USA 21201

      That page links to other conference information, including the schedule.

  2. Claire said

    I’ll be there. I think Friday’s fine for me.

  3. The Ridger said

    Well, I really wanted to be there. Saturday was perfect, but today is just not working out… Hope you guys have fun.

  4. Sorry I didn’t see this sooner! Glad we got a chance to meet tonight though.

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