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Back from the LSA

Posted by Neal on January 11, 2010

Got back from the annual LSA convention last night, in time to say good night to Doug and Adam. It was a busy weekend, so busy I didn’t have time to do much LSA-related blogging, so in coming posts you can expect to hear about topics such as…

I went to a lot of talks (some of which were interesting, some of which were well-presented, and a few of which were both), and got to talk to a lot of linguists I wouldn’t ordinarily get to. I met a few linguists that up to now, I’d only known from their blogs: Ed Cormany (Descriptively Adequate), Ryan Denzer-King (Ryan’s Linguistics Blog), and Paris Ward (Linguistics Lounge). I also met several people that up until now, I knew only as names on the occasional comment on this blog or other blogs. There was linguist Bridget Samuels, and linguistically savvy lawyer Neal Goldfarb, who kindly gave me two amicus curiae briefs he’d written for the Supreme Court regarding matters of grammar, and welcomed me to the Brotherhood of Neals Whose Name Is Spelled Correctly.

UPDATE, Jan. 12, 2010: How embarrassing. When I published this, I mentioned meeting Kirk Hazen, the writer of the blog Polysyllabic. In fact, Kirk Hazen, a professor of linguistics at West Virginia University, is not the same person at all as Karl Hagen, the true writer of Polysyllabic.


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