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Welcome, Grammar Enthusiasts!

Posted by Neal on March 1, 2010

If you got here via the National Grammar Day website (hosted by Grammar Girl this year), welcome! Of course, that’s not to say you’re unwelcome if you arrived here some other way. I just meant … all I was saying is … oh, well, you know what I mean. If you didn’t just come from the NGD site, then I recommend clicking over there and looking at the other language- and grammar-related sites on their list.

As the subtitle says, this blog contains linguistic commentary, which includes everything from how words are pronounced all the way to the meaning of things that are left unsaid. OK, not everything: The in-between area covers word formation (i.e. morphology), phrase formation (syntax), word and phrase meaning (semantics), plus a little bit of other linguistic topics here and there. Morphology, syntax, and semantics are typically what people think of when they think grammar, so if grammar’s what you came here for, you might want to look around in the tabs for those categories. Of special interest may be one of the tabs under Semantics:Ambiguity, namely Ambiguous Song Lyrics. If you like grammar mixed in with funny stories about kids, I have a category for my sons’ linguistic adventures, too. (My wife’s favorite: Silent Pee.)

And if you don’t feel like wading through the archives, stop by a few more times this week. I’ll be observing NGD by challenging myself to get out of my once-a-week blogging groove, and put up a new post in each of the three most “grammary” topic areas before Friday!

One Response to “Welcome, Grammar Enthusiasts!”

  1. Philip Whitman said

    I liked “Silent Pee”. I wonder if Adam would have thought “Two Silent Pees In A Row” if he had been me when I was about his age when he said that. I had never heard the word “tinkle” I don’t think, at least not in that context, but when I had to go number 1 I said I had to go “pee pee.” I have no idea why — it’s just what I must have heard.

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