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February Links

Posted by Neal on February 12, 2011

OK, that’s it! I’ve got three links accumulated in this draft, and that’s enough to put it out there.

Christopher Phipps has blogged about a talk I didn’t make it to at LSA 2011, so I appreciate his summary here on his Lousy Linguist blog. The talk is about a subconscious but measurable change in language that some researchers did by using video footage from a season of a reality TV show. Phipps also has an interesting analogy to explain voice onset time, so if my analogy of the toll plaza didn’t work for you, definitely read this post.

One of my earliest posts was on the strange negation in the miss not doing construction, and I wrote about it again in 2007. Now Mark Liberman has a post on Language Log on the history of this construction.

In anticipation of National Grammar Day next month, John McIntyre has posted the first of the four installments of “The Wages of Syntax,” this year’s Grammar Noir adventure on his You Don’t Say blog for the Baltimore Sun. As they all do, this one starts with a dame in trouble. She’s working at a … a … I can’t say it. You’ll have to go and read it for yourself.

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