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Keep Your Promises to Yourself

Posted by Neal on May 22, 2011

I got an email from my gym, advertising some online system they have for tracking calories, planning your exercises, and who knows what else. In the message, they said using this system would help you with “keeping your promises to yourself.” That’s a great idea for what to do with my promises. If I keep them to myself, no one else will know about them, and there will be fewer embarrassing questions about whether I’ve accomplished them.


7 Responses to “Keep Your Promises to Yourself”

  1. Philip Whitman said

    You said posted on “Attachment Ambiguity”, but when I clicked on “Attachment Ambiguity” link, the page dispoayed a message saying there were no posts of that name there. Is the one paragraph the entire posting?

    • Neal said

      This is strange. Before, when I clicked on a category for a post, it would give me a list of other posts with that category. Now it gives me a page like you’re describing. Same goes for other categories, too. I don’t know what’s going on, but if you find that category on the left sidebar and click it there, you get the right result. Of course, that’s no help if you don’t know what parent category to find it under…

  2. The Ridger said

    WordPress interprets the “filed under” as searching other WordPress blogs. The sidebar goes to your blog. I don’t know if your blog used to be different but I do know I never click on that feature in a WordPress blog because it’s often weird and always gives me way too many, sometimes only tangentially related, posts.

  3. EP said

    What is it with gyms these days (they call them “fitness studios” over here in Germany, by the way), or is just me? Although German firms are much more careful about sending offers to customers (Germans get hysterical about anything spam-like), my gym doesn’t hesitate to plaster their offers all over the place there, on the machines, you name it, ona a weekly basis at least. And the pitch is always similar to your “keep your promises to yourself” line. I feel like I’m in a self-help encounter group sometime, or maybe in church. All I want to do is lift a few waits and run a little. Is that too much to promise to oneself?

  4. EP said

    Hmmm. Lifting a few waits. Now that’s a new concept.

  5. Gordon P. Hemsley said

    Aha! I perfect candidate for demonstrating X-bar theory!

    • Neal said

      I assume you meant, “A perfect candidate” and not “I perfect candidate” with a deleted copula. Anyway, please feel free to give a demo — we so excited!

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