Linguistic commentary from a guy who takes things too literally

Ex-Haustion and -Crement

Posted by Neal on October 8, 2008

“I’m pooped!” Doug said as he flopped into the chair.

“Did you say am, or have?” I asked.

Am,” Doug said.

So that was OK. But now I wonder: Under the right circumstances, could one say, “I am and have pooped”?

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7 Responses to “Ex-Haustion and -Crement”

  1. Viola said

    Surely the scatalogical conditions would have to be totally kosher to instigate this type of conversation…unless you’re Sarah Silverman.

  2. The Ridger said

    I imagine one could say that after surgery, say.

  3. The Ridger said

    Though, come to think of it, that might be “I have, and am, pooped.”

  4. Viola said

    @the Ridger
    That could even be said before surgery, depending on the situation and diagnosis.

  5. Lonnie said

    I have had poops that were exhausting. I didn’t intend to be disgusting, it just, well, came out that way. (I’m covering up my head!)

    On a language note though, since having a child and being socially responsible enough not to want him repeating the foul language (again!) that I commonly employed when childless, I find myself using “poop” and other equivalencies when around the rough, tough, manly men at work. It’s mildly embarrassing.

  6. Viola said

    @LonnieHa Ha! I’ve employed the word “doo doo”, due to going through a test cycle of a more “Kinder and Friendlier Army” in Basic Training. Needless to say, the drill sergeants were a little frustrated that they couldn’t have big potty mouths or chew anyone out like they used too. All I heard was either poop or doo doo. They used great constraint.

  7. Sharkbait said


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